California Fires – Healing Ourselves and Our Manifested World

How the disconnect between our actions and values from our live life energy brings the symptoms and challenges of this imbalance into our manifested world. 

The way we use our life energy, through our actions and values, is directly reflected in our physical reality. The physical world reflects back to us where we are disconnected from the live flow of the life energy within us, within the Earth and the Universe.  Continue reading “California Fires – Healing Ourselves and Our Manifested World”

Nucleus of Life

We have been looking for answers in many places, but it seems that there is only one way for us with endless possibilities to heal our existence, to experience the meaning that we have been looking for. It is the way inward, Continue reading “Nucleus of Life”

The Beginning

The expanse of the universe is all around me. Distant darkness is lit by stars. Silence. Looking all around, everything is still. I try to see myself, to see who am I, but there’s nothing to look at except the endless universe all

Continue reading “The Beginning”

Greatest Love

Getting to know our environment, whether it’s our surrounding, our inner space, or the invisible realm of the spirit within our planet, where everything happens first before it manifests within our material reality, Continue reading “Greatest Love”