April has been living in and exploring the Bay Area for many years. Originally from Michigan, she moved to San Francisco to enjoy its beautiful landscapes and further her education in art & design. Her curiosity of both nature and the unseen world has led to her studies of shamanic practices and reiki, and she continues to explore her connection with Earth and the plants. Every day she is inspired by the beauty, abundance, and regeneration of nature and the Earth. She loves sharing her inspirations through art, photography and writing.


The ancient land displayed a variety of rock formations and colors that called me closer. A yearning in my heart said I must go. As I stepped down into the dusty ravine of large boulders, my body held onto the constriction from driving the narrow winding roads. Continue reading “Fear”

The Space To Be

A fiery flame of rage burned my insides, my cheeks flushed, heartbeat fast as my breath accelerated. My legs were jumpy with anticipation to run, my arms ready to strike with tight fists. Thoughts piled one on top of another, stoking the fire. I decided to go for a walk to disburse some of the energy. Continue reading “The Space To Be”

Butterfly Magic

I felt a surge of excitement as I walked in the warmth of the sun down a dirt trail in the Monte Bello Preserve, looking ahead at how the trail led down into a canyon of trees. I sat down on the trail facing the green Continue reading “Butterfly Magic”