Introduction to January 2021 Issue

There is a great journey that awaits, one that leads us into the depths of our inner world, to a place that carries the deepest wisdom we have to share. Somewhere in the sands of time, we lost touch with this place, as we grew accustomed to focusing only on the outside material world, while the sacred truth that we carry inside of us was slowly forgotten.

We are sharing at this time in hope to inspire and awaken others to their inner journey. A journey that leads us within our bodies to research our inner world, to learn to feel what lies inside that connects us to all living beings and the Earth. In this journey, we can discover the truth we each have to share, a truth that carries its own timeless essence and purpose, a truth that heals the heart and body, a truth that carries the seeds to a new relationship between ourselves, all living beings and the Earth…

Out of this, a new system of life can arise from the inner journey to awaken our deepest sensitivity to life all around us, a system that carries the reflection of what is true from within each of us.


A New Way of Life

Dear friends and family,

I have taken some time to reflect inwardly and to hopefully share these reflections in a way that is meaningful and has positive impact on you. What I have to share comes as important to me at this time especially for humanity and that is to participate with each other in a way that includes Continue reading “A New Way of Life”

The Puppet Masters

I feel the importance of our time now comes with the recognition of what speaks to us from within that we shut out, as in listening and experiencing what is there, we get to follow the inner voice of life, a voice that can guide new Continue reading “The Puppet Masters”

Exercise: New Earth in You

As you do the exercise below, sink within the physical body with your attention.  See how images and feelings within the body come for you; and differentiate between true feelings and vision arising from the experience versus the possible projections your mind may send as results of the exercise. 


  • Close your eyes now, sink into your upper chest in your physical body and be completely present with yourself in the moment.
  • Direct your attention to the Earth’s core. Draw each breath from the Earth, and feel it within you. Invite your reflection of the Earth’s soul to become apparent in your physical body.
  • Continue breathing with her energy
  • Recognize the Earth’s inner heart beat and how it feels within you