Community Circle

Foundations for a Culture of Peace

Embodying Earth’s New Spiritual Paradigm

This is a Monthly Event! Next date: April 29, 2018


Rain or Shine!

Location: Blithedale Summit Open Space, Kentfield, Marin County

Parking: 314 Evergreen Dr., Kentfield, CA 94904, 10-15 minute hike to location
$35-$25 per person (sliding scale)​​

Dear Friends,

We would like to invite you to our monthly Earth gathering to reconnect with the source of life, the soul of the Earth, and our own soul’s truth. We will deepen our direct connection with that world and our experience of how to live with and out of that sacred connection. 

Our meditative exercises provide direct personal experience and opportunity to enter the world of the Earth’s spiritual dimension within us that otherwise remains a faint memory.

We are all welcome to bring into this circle what is alive and important within our hears. Through mutual support and re-connection with the Earth we enter a dimension within us previously not accessible – we become engaged with the life force, and we meet the beings and the spirit of the Earth who can engage and guide us in a pure way.   

This is a circle with no hierarchical structure, open to everyone’s input. We embody our interconnection through spirit. We all take ownership of our place in the circle, allowing what is alive in us to be expressed in community. And so, we begin to reshape our identity, our patterns and our culture.

Andrej, Kimberly, April, and Lief


Background – the Story

Our culture is in a period of great confusion, and a collective loss of deeper meaning and purpose which is reflected in our modern ways of living. We still reside in a world run by the learned impulses of the rational mind that gave birth to our warrior culture and the institutions that embody and support it.

Operating from the conditioned responses of the rational mind makes the embodiment of truth difficult, and it leads to the feeling and experience of disconnection from each other and from deeper meaning in life. As a culture, we have little to no direct contact with the source of life within our planet, the spiritual dimension of the Earth and its reflection within us, and the streaming of life energies that carry the seed of truth.

Opportunity, Responsibility and Gift

There are many well-meaning efforts to soften that crude disconnect and influence, but what we need at this time is a complete paradigm shift – a re-connection to our spiritual roots, to the spiritual structure within our physical body, to the soul, to our relationship to Earth’s soul, and to the spiritual evolution of the Universe/Earth and its impact on all living beings.

Through this experience and re-connection, we can begin to live moment to moment aware of these potent processes within us and the Earth and start making daily decisions and create new ways of living that are in sync with our roots and with the spiritual evolution that constantly streams through the Universe and through us. If we can reach this new depth of spiritual experience and connection, that can inspire collaborations to create new foundations for a culture of peace.

We will Engage in the Following:

  • Move through inner resistance/barriers to enter the spiritual dimension

  • Experience current Earth and source impulse within you

  • Heal and transform rigid patterns and mental structures through direct contact with the Earth’s soul

  • Learn new tools to engage your inner world and develop yourself through deepening your personal relationship with the Earth’s spiritual dimension

  • Experience and embody the Earth’s emerging spiritual paradigm

  • Collaborate to create New Foundations for a Culture of Peace

  • Share your process and feel the support of a loving community

We look forward to being with you in our circle!

Event Overview

  • Personal introductions and sharing.

  • Brief overview of practices and meditations we will engage in.

  • Series of exercises of inner reconnection with the Earth soul’s new living sphere and our connection with the soul of the land.

  • Personal exploration and perception of the current state of life energies within us and the living Earth – experiencing your path within the Earth’s living sphere

  • Deep energetic work, a transformational process to integrate the experience into your own life field and to give the Earth an impulse that we feel and see her

  • Sharing the experience in the circle.

  • Meal – this will be a potluck so feel free to bring something that we can share

Please bring:

  • Comfortable clothing for all kinds of weather situations (a blanket, hat, sunscreen, etc.), something to sit on.

  • Water/drink and snacks to last you for about 4 hours.

  • A dish to share for the potluck.

This monthly event is also an opportunity to find out more about Avenya’s upcoming short documentary film, our efforts to manifest it, and ways you can help us to produce it. Read more about film Here.