Introduction To The Magazine

Each Issue of the Living Earth Magazine will feature current spiritual processes that are developing within our planet. These are reflected on the energetic and physical levels and are having great impact on each of our lives. We will share our personal experiences of these processes, while revealing how some of these processes within the Earth are stimulating global events as well as being reflected within us.

Our goals are to communicate about important spiritual developments that might otherwise remain unnoticed; to hold a sacred space that allows these developments to enter deeper into our everyday reality; to connect to the soul of the Earth that is wanting to emerge and manifest into our day-to-day lives; and to enable a shift in our world from an attitude of survival to one of conscious development. Our focus is on how and why something is happening, what does it serve on the grand scheme of things, and how we can deeply participate with it to best support our spiritual development and maturation.

We welcome you to share your experiences with us and to give us your feedback on our presentations.