Transforming into Earth’s New Life Sphere

A testament – finding and entering the spiritual world within us and the Earth & Transforming our dependency on the mental constructs of life; starting to live out of our sacred origin

As I walk on a road, I see bright light some distance away. When I look at this light my heart gets excited, my breathing deepens, my stomach relaxes, and a faint smile overtakes my face. Excitement takes me forward faster. But, my legs feel heavy. I feel as if something is pushing me back, holding my whole body so I cannot reach the light. I look at myself, but can’t see what is this force pushing against me. I glance at the bright light, as if saying to it “I’ll be right there,” then stop to examine this invisible barrier.

The moment I stop, the resistance dissipates. “Ah, that’s it, now forward to the light,” the thought goes through my mind. I start to walk again, and to my dismay the resistance is back. This time I try to push forward, walk faster, I cover some ground, the excitement grows. But, I feel I am getting exhausted. I will not have what it takes to get to it if I continue to experience this resistance.

I take several deep breaths, and I relax within my body. I close my eyes and feel this resistance within me. Suddenly, with my inner eyes I see flames raise on the sides of the road I was walking on. Somehow this fire does not seem to be coming from the outside. Rather, it is a part of me that holds me back. “But, why would I hold myself back?” I wonder, as I look at the flames. With that thought, the view widens. I am suddenly able to see past the fires, and the light, the Earth, the Universe. Everything seems to be in motion, fluid, connected. As I stare at it, I start to sense how it is all alive, I can feel its presence, everywhere, within me as well, this deeper knowing.

I look back within me at those parts of me that seem to be holding me back. I realize, they too seem connected to this flow of the Universe. But, they also want to change, so they can continue to follow with the flow of the Universe. Then I knew I could help foster this transformation. I calm down, and bring my attention to this fire within.

I look carefully into the fire. Faces appear, I see anger in them, but inside I feel disappointment, even sadness. Through the depth of the fire I see it now, how a part of me was conditioned a long time ago, through continuous disappointment I used to experience as a child from someone close to me. Then, I feel how this disappointment stretches way past my childhood where it takes deeper root. I realize this disappointment had served its purpose, in the greater scope of my spiritual evolution. I feel grateful for it. I am ready now to let go of it, as I no longer need this lesson. I am ready to take responsibility in a different way.

I allow this part of me to merge with the fire, to transform and become a part of me in a way that can be useful to me now. A few moments later, I start to feel this reconnection, I start to feel more confident, independent, trusting myself – as that part of my own energy becomes conscious of its connection to the whole.

I look up, and start to walk towards the light once again. To my surprise I am carried straight to it like on the back of a wind. The light touches my heart and spreads through me. I feel so light, I feel I could fly. I look around, and at that moment a whole new world appears in front of my eyes, and within me! It is a bit overwhelming! Where has this world been all this time? It seems I can walk in every direction 360 degrees.

The physical world is a living organism, conscious! I look back at the road, and the world behind me. There are many roadblocks within that world, within us, that keep us from reaching that light, this conscious world in the here and now. It is the road to freedom, the road to life. Every time we recognize and transform one of those remnants of the old self, or mature in any way, we get closer to and deeper within the light.

When I look around at our world today, and perceive the living being of our planet, the soul of the Earth breathes freely, in her dynamic interplay with the rest of the Universe, and her processes of constant inner maturing. Upon this invigorating life of the spirit within our planet, there are houses, structures, cars, stores, people living within those structures and those structures living within people. We follow the structure that we created and that we call life, the way we live, the rules we made, and we serve that structure that we created in the absence of consciousness.

Meanwhile, the road to this light within us and the Earth remains masked, and the entry to the world of that light within us and the Earth stays hidden. Somewhere in our memory, distant, almost lost, the experience of this world of the spirit within us and the Earth exists, waits, and sends signals to be discovered so life can start once again.

In this world of the spirit in the here and now we meet around the fire of life that remains in the center of our lives for the remainder of our days. Within this sacred fire – and the spirit of this fire that permeates everything – we can feel how the Universe and the Earth are evolving, how their current processes of maturing are influencing us, and how to go along with them. What we have in common is our origin, the source, and our connection to the fire of life, to the Earth, and to each other. At the same time, we are all different, and we approach the spirit from a different place in our personal evolution. No matter where we are on our personal path, we can turn to the fire, transform ourselves, and attune to the great sacred processes of maturing of the Universe and the Earth within us.

When that light starts to shine within us, we can recognize the light within others and within the invisible world. That’s when we can let go of the firm “structures and roads” that mark our culture today, and the “movie set” that our world is, and connect with the essential world within. That’s when we can start to live in that live conscious world that permeates our physical world. Then, we can start to roam with the development of consciousness and discover the invisible spirit roads within the Earth, within each of us. That will allow us to create anew, to create with the source of life and with each other as we learn to follow this grand flow and how we are all part of it. In this way, we can transform ourselves, and set ourselves free.

Different ways of living can emerge out of that, ways of living centered around this world of the inner light that permeates everything and that is accessible to us if we decide to find the inner doorway and do what it takes to make our way through it.

Andrej Loncar

December 2017