Our Work

Living Earth Magazine serves as a gateway into the wondrous life of the Earth’s soul that navigates the spiritual and physical evolution of the planet and humanity. In every land, the Earth’s soul has a different spiritual function/identity and a distinct energetic flow that accordingly gives a unique flavor and feel to each of the places on the planet and it affects and shapes the lives of people living there.

Here we will share our experiences and communication with the soul of the land in many places that wish to be brought closer into our consciousness – in this dynamic time in human evolution – and their spiritual and energetic flow and their reflection within each of us. Through this, we hope to bring closer to people the life of the living Earth and bring our attention to developing the sensitivity and the language to communicate with the Earth. Feeling it in our energy spheres can help birth new ways of living that are in harmony with the spiritual dimension and the Earth.

Living Earth Magazine is a project of Avenya, a nonprofit organization (avenya.org). We envision that as a result of our work, many individuals from around the world would be enabled to access the life within them and the Earth, improve their overall health and raise their level of happiness/fulfillment, discover and implement their personal missions in sync with the spiritual dimension where they contribute their piece of the puzzle towards practical entry into the new paradigm. We also envision many programs in various fields to be implemented so that through them we are collectively moving towards a spiritual society (and spiritual individual). We trust that as a result of our work, major energy flows of the Earth can be released and we can start to consciously collaborate with the divine, Earth’s soul, and other dimensions.